Optimise your product journey

Find out how a German Sparkasse successfully optimises their customer product journey using collected product feedback.

Success Story

With the integration of eTrusted, our customer, a bank from southern Germany, initially focused on product reviews for the checking account. Three touchpoints were defined: after 1 month of opening the checking account, after 6 months and after 12 months.​

As part of the automated query process, various dimensions were considered and subsequently optimised:

  1. card delivery

  2. promptness of moving service

  3. probability of recommendation (NPS) and another four.

Further benefits for the bank:

  • Receives authentic and reliable insights from their customers so that processes can be optimised.​

  • The insights and placement of feedback from happy existing customers are used to acquire new customers.


One of southern Germany's Stadtsparkassen integrated eTrusted with the aim of achieving a high level of transparency regarding the satisfaction of individual products, e. g. the checking account in the future.​

In addition to optimising the product journey, positive feedback is also to be used to acquire new customers.

Overview of success facts

  • 4 Touchpoints

  • >310 Feedback count​

  • 4,7 Stars


Reference testimonial

"By incorporating positive product feedback from our customers, I've been able to win some new customers for us. Both thumbs up!"

(Sales Manager​)

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