Integrated customer journey optimisation

Learn how an online retailer optimised his customer journey and improved its customer feedback,

Success Story

With the integration of eTrusted, our customer collected customer feedback at five touchpoints and was therefore able to comprehensively optimise the customer journey.

Due to the specificity of product configurations, products are manufactured only after the order is placed, which consequently results in longer delivery times. For this reason, the following touchpoints were defined: Telephone consultation, initiation of the order, login customer account, after the arrival and 2 weeks after receipt of the products.​

Sources of error and cancellation rates during the order process were minimised and customer satisfaction increased.

Further benefits for the manufacturer​:

  • Increased customer satisfaction leads to a higher recommendation rate.​

  • The measures improved the online reputation, which in turn supports the acquisition of new customers.


Our customer is a manufacturer of shutters and awnings and convinces with longstanding experience. In addition to telephone and personal consultation in the Düsseldorf area, sales mainly take place via the online shop.​

The goal with the integration of eTrusted, namely the improvement of customer satisfaction and the optimisation of the shipping process, was fulfilled within a few months.

Overview of success facts

  • 5 Touchpoints

  • >265 Feedback count​

  • 4,5 Stars


Reference testimonial

"[...] We have been able to improve the quality of our advice and also keep a constant eye on the quality of our shipping service providers. Really great."

(Lead After Sales​​​​)

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