Improve reputation of several locations

Find out how an IT system house used customer experience feedback to optimise its processes and at the same time improved reputation.

Success Story

Our client was able to optimise their sales process with the help of eTrusted Experience Feedback solutions. Three touchpoints were defined: Initial consultation, contract conclusion and 2 weeks after project completion. Especially through customer feedback at the first touchpoint, the quality and thus also the closing rate could be increased.​

With the help of the eTrusted Reputation Manager, the reviews were also collected for Google. In this way, the number of reviews as well as the average star rating could be increased.

Further benefits for the IT system house​:

  • The IT company receives authentic and reliable insights from their customers so that processes along the customer journey can be optimised.​

  • With the help of the KPI dashboard, the performance of different locations can be compared.


The German IT-Systemhouse is one of the largest in Germany and has over 25 locations in Germany.​

With the integration of eTrusted, the IT company's goal is to make the satisfaction of their customers visible and thus improve the reputation of each site.

Overview of success facts

  • 25 System houses

  • >1240 Feedback count​

  • 4,78 Stars


Reference testimonial

"We were able to sustainably improve our reputation and increase the number and average score of our Google MyBusiness reviews to boot. Top"

(CEO, IT-Systemhouse in Northern Germany​​​​​)

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