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Learn here how a German manufacturing company minimised its service technicians' shortage by establishing and marketing employee feedback.

Success Story

As a first project together, we integrated employee experience feedback. In the employee intranet, it is possible to provide feedback on various topics.

In addition, more specific surveys were established in selected departments, for example  Service Engineering. Here, employee opinions on topics such as salary, atmosphere, training and development needs, and much more are collected automatically (and of course in compliance with data protection regulations).

The feedback collected was used to optimise internal processes and by the HR department to successfully recruit new employees.

Further benefits for the manufacturer​:

  • The insights and placement of feedback from happy employees is used for employer branding and thus to attract new employees (especially service technicians).

  • Due to the successful collaboration, customer experience feedback will also be integrated into the organization in the future.


A production company is active in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning technology and is one of the largest in Germany with around 1500 employees.

One of the current challenges, even in German production companies, is the ongoing shortage of skilled workers. Therefore, the cooperation between the HR department of our customer and us, eTrusted, started.

Overview of success facts

  • 5 Surveys

  • >690 Feedback count​

  • 4,2 Stars


Reference testimonial

"Employee retention and shortage of skilled workers are the top issues in our department. eTrusted supports us to meet these challenges. We have already been able to optimize a lot based on the feedback and are looking forward to the future!"

(Employee Personnel Development​​)

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