Optimisation through Feedback analysis

Find out here how a mobile provider optimised processes using eTrusted and was thus increased customer satisfaction and recommendation rates.

Success Story

With the integration of eTrusted and Customer Experience Feedback, our customer was able to optimise various (internal) processes. For efficient control, all figures are available in the KPI dashboard at any time.

With the help of the keyword finder, our customer automatically identifies relevant keywords such as "call center" or "satisfied" without manual effort. With the help of the qualitative evaluation, the system searches for positive and negative aspects of all reviews so that measures can be derived quickly and easily. 

Further benefits for the provider​:

  • Important measures can be derived quickly and easily from the reviews. For example, processes in customer service have already been adapted.

  • The recommendation rate (NPS) has been demonstrably increased.


Our customer is a German mobile provider and has been present in the market for many years.

As part of a strategic realignment, eTrusted was integrated with a focus on customer experience feedback.

Overview of success facts

  • 4 Touchpoints

  • >1250 Feedback count​

  • 4,43 Stars


Reference testimonial

"The customer feedback we collect with eTrusted gives us the opportunity to optimize our processes. The eTrusted KPI dashboard and also many other analytics features allow us to do this. In addition, more and more analytics are added, allowing us to do more and more. Great!"

(Enablement Manager​​)

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