As diverse as your business

Unique requirements demand individual solutions. You determine the touchpoint, the timing, and the type of feedback you want to collect – we deliver your very own customised solution, ready to go.
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For a positive customer experience

How do your customers rate their experience with your company? The Service Reviews from eTrusted show you – customised to every touchpoint.

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From the first contact...

For your customers, the customer journey often starts in the search engine results – and this already shapes their experience with your company. This is followed by a visit to your website, telephone contact, or in-person advice in a branch, then a booking or purchase, supply or delivery, right through to your customer service if there are any questions or problems. loyal customers

It is clear that a review at the very end of this long customer journey cannot depict which areas of your company you should specifically optimise. eTrusted allows you to ask for feedback at the right time – and adapt your services to customer needs in real time. With this genuine customer orientation, you ensure that you create customers who are happy to come back to you, and to recommend your company to others.

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For an optimal product experience

Do you have some products that sell like magic and others that sit like lead on the virtual shelves? Find out more about the buying behaviour of your customers and optimise your offer.

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From anticipation...

Most products and services go through a complex cycle – from anticipation to initial excitement to proving themselves in everyday life. the real test

If you can gain insights into the precise moments when customers are happy with your product or service, and when there is potential for improvement, you will be in a better position to adapt your portfolio and the relevant information to your current customer needs. This way, you can ensure long-lasting positive product experiences, for happy and loyal customers.

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For a productive employee experience

From small manufacturers to large corporations with international branch networks: every company thrives on satisfied and productive employees. Ensure an optimal working atmosphere with real-time insights.

Employee Experience

Instead of an annual employee survey...

Internal processes and corporate structures are subject to constant change and can quickly alter moods. This makes it all the more important to pay regular and timely attention to the thoughts and ideas of your employees.

...regular pulse surveys

Ask your teams for feedback regularly and set up additional surveys on important occasions (e.g., before business decisions or at events). Share the collected feedback on internal channels and provide transparent information about the measures that result from this feedback. eTrusted provides you with the right toolkit to do this.

In this way, you not only increase the satisfaction of your employees, but also ensure that they identify more strongly with your company in the long term.

Riccardo Quote

"Our regular Pulse Check helps us to be close to our teams across Europe despite the physical distance. The results not only help the People Managers to provide immediate support with targeted measures, but also provide information about the development of the mood in the entire company."

Riccardo Greco, HR Director