A platform for all your needs

The eTrusted platform is easily customisable and fully scalable. This makes the system immediately ready for use in any industry - from the local service provider to the globally active company with a large branch network.
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E-commerce & retail

With authentic reviews, buyers make better decisions and online shops direct service, offer and product range at customer needs in real time. Decathlon sets a good example:

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"We want to be a 'love brand', as we see with so many established brands. We want to get to the very heart of our clientele. We can only succeed if people trust DECATHLON. Trust in a brand increases loyalty, and that means an increase in the likelihood that a customer will buy from us again."

Mona Freund, Reputation Manager at DECATHLON

Benefits in e-commerce and retail:

  • Optimisation of SEO

  • Optimisation of SEA

  • Increasing the conversion

  • Insights on branches, product range & products

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Automotive sector

The value chain in the automotive industry is often long and highly branched. With eTrusted, companies collect authentic feedback at all relevant touchpoints with minimal effort - just like Volkswagen:

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"The cooperation with eTrusted fits perfectly with Volkswagen's strategy to improve the quantity and quality of our leads. eTrusted's API-based platform is an advantage for easy and efficient integration with Volkswagen Sweden's unified API-based business systems."

Carina Ahlberg, Head of Customer Experience at Volkswagen Schweden

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Insurances & Banking

There are numerous touchpoints in the insurance, banking, and energy industry where authentic insights can be used to optimise the quality of advisory and information services. The Zurich Group demonstrates how this can be done:

Benefits for insurance companies and banking institutions:

  • Improve and present service performance

  • Create trust with real customer experience

  • Optimise performance of branches and locations

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The perfect solution for your industry

There are different circumstances and different needs in every industry, company and organisation. eTrusted, as a fully scalable and customisable platform, fits into every system:

  • Telecommunications

  • Chemistry & Pharma

  • Energy

  • Logistics & Transport

  • Any other industry

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