Experience Feedback: the factor of success

Success depends on the right decisions. That's why successful companies use the strengths of real-time feedback at every relevant touchpoint.
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Trust in transition

Digital technologies have changed the conditions for trust and posed new challenges for us as people as well as for companies. eTrusted creates the trust that enables positive togetherness in a digital space.

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From linear...

Prior to digitalisation, the flow of information was linear from businesses to consumers. Trust was easy since the source of information was clear.

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...to decentralised

With digital networking, information is now exchanged between individuals. This makes trust a more complex issue, as the source of information is not entirely clear.

The new trust in numbers

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of all buyers are willing to spend more money for a better buying experience.

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of customers would stop using a brand after just one bad experience, even if they had previously rated it positively.

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of all dissatisfied customers review a negative experience because of their own motivation. Those who want to improve must therefore actively ask.

Digital trust needs transparency, authenticity and safety

Social Proof

Transparent: Social proof

Good reviews are worth gold: It creates trust among interested parties and confirmation among regular customers when many people rate your products, your services or your support well.

Echte B Ewertungen

Authentic: Authentic reviews

A prerequisite for this is that the reviews are real. After all, this helps people to make better decisions in the digital space and companies to achieve true customer centricity.


Safe: GDPR compliant

Data security has the highest priority. For the people giving feedback, this means that their private data is always protected and for companies, that they are legally compliant at all times.