Advertise your feedback at relevant touchpoints

Sustainably improve your reputation with feedback marketing via various online and offline channels. Coordinated marketing at the customer touchpoint strengthens brand trust and can lead to higher sales.
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Increase the trust in your brand and thus the sales of your new and existing customers significantly by collecting customer feedback.

Your benefits at a glance


Reputation: Optimise your brand reputation across different platforms online with our Reputation Manager.

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Google appearance: Integrate your stars also in your Google Ads to achieve a higher conversion.


eTrusted Widgets as trust symbols: Promote your customer feedback at the relevant touchpoints with the eTrusted Widgets and increase your closing rate.

Success story of our customer DZ-4

Head of Sales & Marketing reports on the cooperation with eTrusted and the company's successes.

"With eTrusted, we have the possibility for the first time to collect feedback not only at closing, but also in the following steps, to incorporate this automatically into our reports and to pass on relevant information to the responsible areas."

Arne Horn, Head of Sales & Marketing

Thousands of customers trust the eTrusted solution and collect experience feedback.

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Our 360° platform for your company

With eTrusted you get an all-in-one platform that supports your company and your brand holistically in the topic of experience feedback and management. From collecting your feedback, to managing, analysing and publishing it using your own widgets, to deriving optimisation measures - eTrusted is your partner.