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eTrusted supports large banks in establishing their Experience Feedback Culture. Invest in your long-term customer relationships by building trust and maintaining loyalty.

Experience Feedback may cover the following areas:

  • Feedback on the account opening process
  • Feedback on the credit application process
  • Feedback on and after the initial consultation in the branch
  • Feedback on customer service
  • Feedback on and in digital offerings, such as the banking app
  • Feedback on the daily work of the teams
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Digital and neobanks are booming and conquering more and more market shares of the traditional banking business. The competitive pressure on the banking market is increasing daily and is being further fuelled by embedded finance, demographic change, the ongoing digital transformation and changing customer expectations (customer centricity).

At eTrusted, we help you meet these challenges because customer centricity and reputation have never been more important.

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Customer Experience Feedback

E Trusted Banken Customer Experience Feedback

Current market challenges lead to increasing customer expectations and decreasing loyalty.

At eTrusted, we help you keep your finger on the pulse of your customers by holistically optimising your customer journey in a customer-centric way across every touchpoint. Create more trust and build long-term customer relationships. With the aim of increasing customer lifetime value, minimising churn rates, optimising products in a customer-oriented way and thus increasing closing rates. Whether offline, in your branches, by telephone in your service centres or online on your website.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Optimisation of the use of your banking app towards more user experience
  • Increase in the closing rate of your online credit line
  • Improve the quality of advice in each of your branches
  • Increase in service performance geared to the needs of your customers

Employee Experience Feedback

E Trusted Banken Employee Experience Feedback

Current developments in the labour market mean that measures to retain employees and reduce fluctuation have rarely been as relevant as they are today.

We at eTrusted support you in actively and continuously listening to your employees via feedback. This puts you in a position where you can improve the working environment for your employees in a targeted manner. Whether in the home office, at the workplace or on Workation, listen to every voice of your employees and ensure that adjustments can be made when and where necessary. This kind of appreciation for your employees shows that they are your top priority, which has been proven to extend employee lifecycles and improve retention.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Increase the motivation and satisfaction of your teams, but also the productivity of your employees.
  • Learn from your teams, e.g. from your advisors in the branch, how to adapt processes even better to employee and customer needs
  • Optimise internal personnel processes from the job search to the departure of the employee
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Exemplary cooperation between eTrusted and Germany's banks

  • Obtaining authentic feedback after a wide variety of online stages, such as opening an account or applying for credit
  • Automated collection of feedback after a consultation, whether on-site in the branch or digitally or by phone
  • Obtaining real-time feedback after logging in to the banking app or online banking
  • Obtaining customer feedback after customer service contact, whether by phone or digitally
  • Regular measurement and evaluation of the net promoter score (NPS)
  • Marketing feedback from individual branches to improve their reputation

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