Building high-performing teams sustainably

Listen to your employees and find out what your teams need. Your employee feedback is the basis for long-term relationships, higher productivity and satisfaction.

Identify relevant touchpoints of your individual employee journey

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Employee feedback promotes engagement and motivation by allowing employees to share their voice, opinions, ideas and concerns, leading to a feeling of being valued and listened to. Through employee feedback and improvement activities, you increase employee engagement and motivation, as satisfied employees are willing to work hard for your organisation and create a positive customer experience.

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Listen to your employees and improve their experience in the long term. Satisfied employees are the best advertisement when looking for employees.

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Identify problems and weaknesses before they become part of the corporate culture.

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Get experiences along the complete employee lifecycle and increase employee satisfaction at all touchpoints.

Our 360-degree feedback platform for your company

With eTrusted you get an all-in-one platform that supports your company and your brand holistically in the topic of experience feedback and management. From collecting your feedback, to managing, analysing and publishing it using your own widgets, to deriving optimisation measures - eTrusted is your partner.

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