Let´s build your Experience Feedback Culture together.

Together with us, you establish your feedback culture in the company, which integrates all your relevant stakeholders: Customers, employees and partners.
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By definition, feedback culture means creating a corporate culture that is based on an exchange with each other (feedback). Trust and appreciation are essential pillars for this exchange and favour it above average. Feedback culture is therefore also often called trust culture.

Usually, feedback culture refers to internal processes - that is, feedback between all employees of the company. However, we believe that such a culture of trust does not end with employees, but also concerns customers and partners. The most sustainable relationships are based on trust and appreciation, so let's continue to promote these elements together within your company.

Feedback Culture and eTrusted

E Trusted Feedbackkultur

With the Experience Feedback solution from eTrusted and the integration of an Experience Feedback Culture, we refer to all relevant stakeholders. With the feedback of your customers, employees and partners, you get a holistic picture, can make overarching optimisations and use synergies.

In practice with our clients, the focus is often on the customers first. So together we establish Customer Experience Feedback and thus lay the foundation for a feedback culture in your company. Advantage of eTrusted: You can cover the entire feedback culture with all your stakeholders with one software. Benefit from our industry experience.

Establishing a feedback culture - the procedure

  • Define goals: Which goals do you want to optimise with a feedback culture? Which KPIs should be improved?
  • Select software: Which software can best support the goals?
  • Collect feedback: Define the touchpoints, integrate the software, create the surveys.
  • Analyse feedback and derive measures for optimisation.
  • Promote and display feedback at relevant touchpoints to increase stakeholder trust.

Feedback culture in the company - The advantages

Trust is the basis for transactions and decisions for all stakeholders. Customers need to trust the company to buy once and be loyal in the long term. Employees need to trust the company to apply initially and remain employees in the long term. Business partners need to trust the company to have a long-term business relationship.

Without trust in the company and the brand, there can be no business success. With the help of feedback and a living feedback culture, trust is built up on the part of the stakeholders.

E Trusted Experience Feedback Culture

Benefits of a feedback culture at a glance:

  • Employee Experience Feedback: Improved employee performance, increased efficiency, lower turnover rates, valuable insights into customer relationships, etc.
  • Customer Experience Feedback and Product Experience Feedback: Increase in conversion and sales, optimisation of products and services and influence in new developments, etc.

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