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eTrusted helps large B2B companies across a wide range of sectors integrate their Experience Feedback Culture. You too can support your sales, referral rates and margins.

Experience Feedback can cover the following areas:

  • Feedback on the adherence to/implementation of appointments by installers
  • Feedback on the handling of orders by service technicians
  • Feedback on the delivery and provision of products
  • Feedback on the quality of manufactured products in further processing by partners
  • Feedback on the current work equipment of field staff
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The current difficulties in the supply chains, advancing digitalisation and an increasing shortage of skilled workers have in some cases been determining the everyday life of B2B companies for years. In order to be able to meet these requirements more effectively in the future, we help you to better recognise and understand the needs of your stakeholders in order to address them efficiently.

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Customer Experience Feedback

E Trusted B2 B Customer Experience Feedback

The current situation in global supply chains in particular makes it difficult for companies to meet the high expectations of their end customers. Yet their satisfaction is the guarantee of a long-term and profitable business relationship.

At eTrusted, we help you unleash real and real-time customer insights to meet these expectations and sustainably strengthen your customer relationship. With your individual Experience Feedback Culture, you not only increase your customer satisfaction, but also their loyalty.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Transparency about customer relationships and thus the possibility to identify and counteract churn risks at an early stage.
  • Possibility to prioritise options for action that really influence your overarching customer relationships
  • Increased customer centricity across the organisation, breaking down silos and improving customer satisfaction in the long term.
  • The flexibility of your Experience Feedback Culture with eTrusted allows you to leverage all these benefits across all sales channels (Omnichannel)

Employee Experience Feedback

E Trusted B2 B Employee Experience Feedback

Your employees are the link between your company and your customers. They contribute significantly to services, products and innovations. In times of a shortage of skilled workers and high fluctuation rates, this link often determines the success or failure of a company.

We at eTrusted help you to strengthen this link with an open Experience Feedback Culture. With us, you involve your employees in decisions, thus creating trust and appreciation, which is the basis for satisfied employees. In this way, you can prevent the shortage of skilled workers and thus achieve a competitive advantage.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Higher quality in all areas, because satisfied employees build better relationships with customers and thus enable e.g. better closing rates.
  • Improved innovation for your company, through the involvement of your employees from the day-to-day business in decision-making.
  • Longer tenure, because happy and satisfied employees stay with you for several years, which in turn has a positive effect on e.g. productivity.
  • More effective and cost-efficient recruiting, e.g. through the recommendations of your own satisfied employees.
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Exemplary cooperation between eTrusted and Germany's B2B companies.

  • Collection of authentic feedback from customers after the sale of the goods, delivery, commissioning and after the expiry of the warranty. This enabled meaningful information to be collected in just a few months to significantly increase efficiency.
  • Automated collection of feedback after a consultation on site or by telephone by a sales partner, in order to improve their own processes, but also to use the feedback for marketing purposes.
  • Obtain regular feedback from partners on training and education in order to further strengthen the cooperation and increase the understanding of the respective processes.
  • Marketing of feedback from distribution partners to optimise the joint reputation, addressing both new and existing customers.

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