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eTrusted supports big insurances in integrating experience feedback. Keep your existing customers happy and improve your reputation to attract new customers more easily.

Experience feedback can include the following areas:

  • Feedback on the online conclusion of the contract

  • Feedback on and after the consultation -offline, online and by phone

  • Feedback on customer service

  • Feedback on insurance broker training and services

  • Feedback on internal processes and daily work of the team

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Demographic changes, digitalisation and increasing competitive pressure are changing the insurance market. The increasing number of online presences and comparison platforms ensure a high degree of comparability between providers. Churn rates are rising. In addition, embedded insurances are becoming increasingly popular, especially in e-commerce and in the automotive industry.

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Customer Experience

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Employee Experience

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Partner Experience

Customer Experience Feedback

E Trusted Versicherungen Customer Experience Feedback

Increasing competitive pressure and the high level of comparability online have led to declining customer loyalty in the insurance industry in recent years. Customer orientation is therefore more important than ever.

We at eTrusted support you in focusing on your customers offline in the insurance agency and online on the website and in using this feedback at all levels. Find out how your policyholders actually perceive you, draw conclusions from this and significantly improve your products and services. In the direction that your customers want.

Drive policy sales and renewals by optimising the external perception and turning your policyholders into brand ambassadors. How? Create a positive experience for your customers and let this feedback speak for itself. Satisfied policyholders are happy to recommend you to others.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Improvement of your reputation and support of existing customer satisfaction, as well as acquisition of new policyholders.

  • Transparency about customer wishes.

  • With the help of a comprehensive analysis with our AI, the collected experience feedback is the basis for your process optimisation in real time.

  • Optimise your customer journey while building trust for long-term relationships: Reduce churn rates that often occur online due to high comparability.

  • Also create the possibility to integrate your insurance agencies and branch offices into your Experience Feedback Culture. This supports the brand reputation as well as the reputation of the individual agencies.

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Employee Experience Feedback

E Trusted Versicherungen Employee Experience Feedback

The persistent shortage of skilled workers can be described as challenging within every sector at the moment. This makes rising fluctuation figures even more cost-intensive.

We at eTrusted support you in the establishment of employee feedback with the aim of resolving discrepancies and problems before they become a culture. On the one hand, the feedback of your employees can be used for process optimisation, product and service improvement. But it can also be used to increase productivity, satisfaction and motivation. Use eTrusted to improve your customer service, and also to ask for feedback from the various stakeholders involved at the relevant touchpoints in the event of a claim.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Use employee feedback to support your talent search and position yourself as an attractive employer brand

  • Continuous increase in the satisfaction of your workforce and simultaneous minimisation of terminations and absenteeism

  • Transparency at all employee levels about performance, productivity and the commitment of the teams with the aim of constantly increasing these.

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Exemplary cooperation between eTrusted and insurances

  • Obtaining authentic feedback after the online conclusion of a contract

  • Automated collection of feedback after a consultation on site, by phone or online

  • Regular measurement and evaluation of the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Marketing of feedback for local agencies and across the board by and for the insurances

  • Collection of regular feedback from brokers on training and education

Partner Experience Feedback

E Trusted Versicherungen partne Experience Feedback

Besides direct sales, broker sales also have a high sales relevance.

We at eTrusted support you in integrating your independent insurance brokers into your Experience Feedback Culture to make it easier for them to sell your insurance services.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Increase of satisfaction on both sides in the cooperation with brokers

  • Transparency about the experiences of insurance brokers with the aim of further optimising the sale of your services.

  • Marketing of feedback after e.g. training courses and seminars in order to increase the attractiveness of the cooperation and to support the acquisition of new brokers.

  • Marketing of customer experience feedback in order to support broker sales with an optimised brand reputation.

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