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eTrusted supports retailers and online merchants in establishing and using their experience feedback. Increase your conversion, turn your stakeholders into brand ambassadors, increase their satisfaction, the productivity of your teams and ultimately your turnover.

Experience feedback can include the following areas:

  • Feedback from customers after the purchase - online in the shop and offline in the retail shop

  • Feedback on products at different touchpoints, e.g. after purchase, after arrival of the goods (shipping time), after a few weeks/months

  • Feedback on processes, e.g. handling of returns

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A high degree of comparability plays a very important role in retail and online trade. This results in frequent supplier changes, lack of customer loyalty and increasing churn rates. Additionally challenging in the current crisis period are missing turnovers, so that the focus is more and more on cost reduction. Find out with eTrusted and the use of Experience Feedback, which processes can be reduced and services limited to further reduce your costs.

We at eTrusted support you in analysing and optimising your stakeholder journeys, improving your reputation and optimising your conversion.

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Establish an Experience Feedback Culture

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Customer Experience

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Employee Experience

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Partner Experience

Customer Experience Feedback

E Trusted Einzelhandel Customer Experience Feedback

All information is available online with one click. This means that a (new) customer can quickly compare products and services in detail with little effort. In addition, a new customer lacks the confidence to order online from a shop.

We at eTrusted support you in optimising your customer experience at every relevant online and offline touchpoint of your customer journey, so that you can act even more customer-oriented. Customer satisfaction with your business, products and services is critical to your long-term success. Therefore, listen carefully to your customers - in-store and online - measure customer satisfaction, analyse it with our AI and sentiment analyses and derive measures from it. Create a positive customer experience and (over)meet your customers' expectations to enable a long-term customer relationship.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Creation and increase of trust: Increase of your conversion and average shopping basket through marketing feedback

  • Optimisation of processes based on insights into purchase cancellations, returns and services

  • Derive improvement actions for performance, products, services and services to better meet customer expectations and improve customer experience

  • Increase footfall in the shop

  • Transparency about new trends and insights for future promotions and offers

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Employee Experience Feedback

E Trusted Einzelhandel Employee Experience Feedback

Recruiting employees is not an easy task due to the current shortage of skilled workers.

We at eTrusted help you to establish regular employee surveys and thus to query and analyse the satisfaction of your workforce and to optimise it by deriving measures. Take the chance and turn your employees into brand ambassadors, because satisfied and happy staff is your best advertisement.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Increase in the commitment of your employees and the productivity of your teams.

  • Growth in employee loyalty: lower turnover rates, cost reduction in filling important positions, minimisation of sick leave and absenteeism.

  • By marketing some employee feedback, you establish yourself as a successful employer brand.

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Exemplary cooperation between eTrusted and retailers

  • Obtaining authentic feedback after purchase - online in the shop and offline in the retail shop.

  • Obtaining product feedback at different touchpoints, e.g. after purchase, after arrival of the goods (shipping time), after a few weeks/months.

  • Regular measurement and evaluation of the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

  • Marketing of the feedback offline and online to increase reputation and conversion.

Partner Experience Feedback

E Trusted Einzelhandel partne Experience Feedback

We at eTrusted support you in integrating your partners, e.g. suppliers and producers, into your Experience Feedback Culture and also derive relevant measures for optimisation from this real-time feedback. Through the direct exchange with your business partners, you jointly achieve the basis for long-term relationships and optimise the cooperation between both parties.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Optimisation of internal processes of cooperation to sustainably increase the satisfaction of your partners and improve efficiency

  • Analysis of pain points to support a long-lasting business relationship

  • Transparency about the satisfaction of the cooperation and the potential for improvement to support the acquisition of new business partnerships

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