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eTrusted supports automotive brands such as the Volkswagen Group or Renault Group in establishing their Experience Feedback Culture. You too can significantly optimise your stakeholder journeys to improve the brand experience of your customers, employees and partner companies.

Experience feedback can cover the following areas:

  • Feedback after various touchpoints of the customer journey: website visitor, initial meeting, quotation, test drive, car purchase, collection, service and repair, lease return and some more.
  • Feedback from employees - including dealers - on processes and daily work routines
  • Feedback to get an overview of the pre-sales process performance of the dealer network
  • Feedback to get transparency on services as a basis for possible savings
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The automotive market has been subject to constant movement and development for many years. Electromobility, the increasing popularity of leasing and subscription models, digitalisation and the economic crisis affecting production and supply chains are the current challenges. The decision to buy a car can be influenced on the one hand by emotions and increasing trust and on the other hand by performance, safety and service.

The integration of an Experience Feedback Culture with eTrusted and the consideration of all stakeholders supports the optimisation of all criteria and thus positively influences the customer experience and purchase decision.

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Customer Experience Feedback

E Trusted Automotive Customer Experience Feedback

For a customer-oriented corporate strategy, the customer experience and the best possible (over)fulfilment of customer expectations are paramount.

We at eTrusted support you in optimising your customer journey at every relevant touchpoint - offline on the showroom floor, when the vehicle is delivered, in the workshop, online on your website, in your infotainment systems or mobile apps.

Monitor your customer journey and gain insights into your processes and products based on segmented feedback. Use this feedback and the insights gained from it to increase customer loyalty, create trust and turn your customers into brand ambassadors. This not only increases customer lifetime value, but also the recommendation rate. With our experience and numerous participation rates of up to 50% in our surveys, you will quickly achieve this goal.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Transparency about customer experiences as a basis for data-based decisions
  • Increased customer centricity throughout your organisation, enabling you to sustainably increase your customer satisfaction rate
  • Increase your customer satisfaction rate along the customer journey
  • Support for new customer acquisition through marketing of feedback

Employee Experience Feedback

E Trusted Banken Employee Experience Feedback

Staff costs are often one of the highest cost centres on the business side. With current cost reduction targets, increasing turnover rates and a continuing skills shortage, the focus on your employee satisfaction has never been more important.

At eTrusted, we help you integrate employee experience feedback to optimise your employee journey from recruitment and hiring to termination.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Increase the motivation and satisfaction of your staff - also at your retailers
  • Increase the recommendation rate: Develop your employees - also those of the individual dealers - into brand ambassadors.
  • Support for employer branding and personnel recruitment
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Exemplary cooperation between eTrusted and Germany's automotive brands

  • Get authentic feedback after various touchpoints of the customer journey: Website visitor, initial conversation, quotation, test drive, car purchase, collection, service, repair, lease return and some more.
  • Conduct regular pulse checks on your dealership staff.
  • Regularly measure and evaluate the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of your stakeholders.
  • Get an overview of the pre-sales process performance of the dealer network.
  • Find out from your customers which services are actually necessary and how you can make savings - to the satisfaction of both your finance department and your sales department.

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