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eTrusted supports energy service providers in establishing and using their experience feedback. You too can ensure the satisfaction of your existing customers and improve your reputation in order to win new customers more easily.

Experience Feedback can cover the following areas:

  • Feedback after the online conclusion of a contract
  • Feedback on and after a consultation on site, by telephone and/or online
  • Feedback on the handling of enquiries and orders
  • Feedback on the keeping/execution of appointments by plumbers and installers
  • Feedback on customer service
  • Feedback from your staff on their daily work
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The current uncertainty in the market, the advancing digitalisation and increasing comparability of different providers are changing the market environment and significantly increasing the competitive pressure in the market. In addition, the general development of the switching economy ensures that customer loyalty continues to decline and churn rates increase. This often results in a need for optimisation of the reputation.

In recent years, we at eTrusted have been able to significantly increase the external perception of some energy suppliers in order to increase customer loyalty and support the acquisition of new customers. Find out how here.

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Customer Experience Feedback

E Trusted Energie Customer Experience Feedback

Take remedial action against increasing online comparability and growing churn rates by using customer feedback to make your business strategy even more customer-focused.

We at eTrusted support you in this. Optimise your customer journey holistically and across all relevant offline and online touchpoints. Put your customers at the centre and create trust in this way. Trust is the key factor for long-term customer relationships. Allow real customer feedback to improve your contracting by asking for experience feedback at relevant touchpoints. For example, the completion rate of your gas or electricity contracts, which are concluded online, can be optimised. In addition, the integration of feedback into customer service is an important tool to better understand the needs of your customers. Let your customers rate your customer service and derive improvement measures from the feedback.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Improve your reputation
  • Satisfied existing customers and the marketing of the feedback provide support for the acquisition of new customers.
  • Use the real-time feedback from your customers to improve products, services and the customer experience with them - across every relevant touchpoint of the customer journey
  • Optimise up- and cross-selling potential

Employee Experience Feedback

E Trusted Energie Employee Experience Feedback

The perspective of your employees is important for two reasons. Firstly, it provides information about motivation, commitment, processes and satisfaction. Secondly, customer and employee satisfaction are interrelated. Without satisfied employees, satisfied customers are rare.

We at eTrusted support you in collecting and analysing the feedback of your various teams and give your managers insight to increase satisfaction and commitment, but also motivation, goals and productivity in the long run. Stay close to your employees with regular Pulse Checks. Optimise internal processes on the basis of employee feedback and derive improvement measures. The more satisfied employees are, the greater the positive influence on recruitment. Advertise with real employee testimonials!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Transparency about the motivations of your employees and increased satisfaction by deriving measures for optimisation from employee feedback.
  • Minimisation of fluctuation rates and absenteeism
  • Significant increase in productivity and commitment
  • Holistic optimisation of the customer journey on the basis of your employee feedback
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Exemplary cooperation between eTrusted and energy service providers

  • Obtaining authentic feedback after completion of the online contract.
  • Automated collection of feedback after an on-site, telephone and/or online consultation.
  • Regular measurement and evaluation of the Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • Marketing of customer feedback on the website and in the online contract process to increase conversion.

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