Focus on your customers

Customer feedback is the basis for the successful further development of your brand and your company. Collect your customer feedback with eTrusted, manage it in a simple platform, analyse your customer testimonials in detail and derive important optimisation measures. You can also present your feedback to other customers at relevant touchpoints to increase sales.

Identify relevant touchpoints of your individual customer journey

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Customer feedback can help you align your products, services and processes with the needs of your customers, enabling you to become more customer-focused and tailor your offerings. By listening to customer feedback and taking their concerns seriously, you can build strong customer relationships and long-term loyalty by conveying appreciation and developing positive customer relationships.

Your benefits at a glance

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Integrate all relevant touchpoints of your customer journey into your feedback culture and get a holistic picture.

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Optimise sales sustainably with the integration of eTrusted widgets and the publication of your customer feedback at relevant touchpoints.

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Increase customer satisfaction and the retention of long-term relationships by making customer feedback the focus of your optimisations and developments.

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