COLLECT Experience Feedback

Give your stakeholders a voice by collecting Experience Feedback easily and quickly with eTrusted.

Collect Experience Feedback - At each of your individual touchpoints. 

Meet your customers where they are. With eTrusted, you collect real-time Experience Feedback at every relevant touchpoint. 

EF icon advice web

After consultation 

Experience Feedback on a consultation (in person, by phone) e.g. scope, structure 

EF icon branch web

Visit to a branch 

Experience Feedback on a visit to your branch e.g. waiting times, service, facilities 

EF icon contract web

Conclusion of contract 

Experience Feedback on the conclusion of a contract e.g. clarification, comprehensibility

EF icon customer service web

Customer service 

Experience Feedback on your customer service e.g. chatbot, call centre, speed, quality 

Collect Experience Feedback - with your individual feedback invitations 

Individuelle Einladung
  • Adapt our invitation templates to your individual corporate design (colour scheme and logo).

  • Create your individual texts and questions in the feedback invitation.

  • Work with us to optimise your feedback invitation for each relevant device.

  • Define flexible dispatch rules for the feedback requests according to your wishes.

Collect Experience Feedback - with your individual questionnaires

  • Take advantage of our flexible design options and use your individual corporate design and language.

  • Use all the usual question techniques for your individual Experience Feedback questionnaire. The following examples are used by our current clients: Star Selection, Matrix Questions, Choice Questions, Comment, Opinion Scale, NPS, etc.

  • Create your personal questionnaire flow and decide which answer behaviour leads to which follow-up questions.

Individuelle Fragebögen

Do you have questions for our eTrusted Sales Team? Get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you. 

Connect eTrusted with your software 

Event API 

The eTrusted Event API can be connected to all your existing systems and is your central interface to automatically invite your customers to give feedback. 

Your added value at a glance: 

  • Automated invitation process

  • Without large IT resources

  • Customised for your system landscape

Questionaire Link API 

Use personalised and transaction-related links to ask your customers for feedback with just a few clicks - ideal for use in your existing systems and apps. 

Your added value at a glance: 

  • Link can be inserted anywhere and at any time(online and offline via QR code)

  • Automated process

CSV upload (manual) 

Ask your customers for valuable feedback even before you connect to our automated services by using the CSV upload. You can do this manually at any time. 

Your added value at a glance: 

  • For a quick start without IT resources

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Benefit from the positive reputation and high awareness of Trusted Shops.

Your customers trust us. This effects the conversion of the feedback.

Trusted Shops is one of the largest trust brands in Europe. 

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Information on the processing of personal data by Trusted Shops AG can be found in the data protection information.