Smart Review Assistant

Generate a summary and an automatic reply comment to each of your individual feedbacks with just a few clicks and artificial intelligence.
Animierte smarte reviews V2
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Quality improvement

The artificial intelligence learns quickly through your application and adapts to your language model within a few replies. Stop using standard answers and create variety and thus quality and appreciation with the customer.

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Save time

Have long feedback summarised and possible answers suggested automatically. You choose your favourite answer and either reply directly or edit the comment individually.

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Cost reduction

With the help of the Smart Review Assistant, you save time through automation and the use of artificial intelligence. This naturally leads to a possible reduction in your personnel costs.

This is how it works

Animierte smarte reviews V2
    1. In your eTrusted account, you can automatically generate a response under the respective feedback. In addition, you will receive a bullet point summary of the feedback for your review.
    2. You can publish the generated response directly with one click or manually adjust the text. Alternatively, you can generate a completely new response by clicking again. The artificial intelligence learns what you like.
    3. Your published answer naturally appears on your SEO profile. Your customers discover your excellent service through individual feedback comments.
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