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Establish a holistic Experience Feedback Culture by focusing on your customers, employees, and partners.
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Customer feedback

Put your customers at the centre of your daily work. Ask your customers for feedback on your services at the touchpoints you want. This will give you real insights into how to optimise your processes. At the same time, you increase the satisfaction and trust of your customers. The positive feedback can then be used in marketing to win new customers.

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Employee feedback

In future, make even more use of feedback from your employees in order to increase both trust and satisfaction. In this way, you create a closeness to each individual employee, uncover disturbing feelings earlier and thus prevent potential employee turnover. Of course, positive feedback can also be used very well and authentically in recruiting. So that you can better fill positions that are in high demand in the future.

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Situational feedback

By regularly collecting situational feedback, you can foster a culture of continuous improvement. By listening to stakeholder feedback and integrating it into your processes, you can optimise your internal structures, events and other situational interactions. Interaction feedback allows you to identify problems in real time and, by acting quickly, solve problems before they get worse.

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