Let´s build your Experience Feedback Culture together.

Your 360 degree solution: Collect, Analyse, Manage & Advertise
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Your software for experience feedback

Through authentic feedback and real insights along your Customer Journey, Employee Journey, Partner Journey and Product Journey at every relevant touchpoint, you achieve transparency from and for your stakeholders. Integrate your Experience Feedback Culture together with eTrusted.

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Customer Experience Feedback

Optimise your processes along your individual customer journey. So that your customers become even more satisfied and you maximise your customer life cycle.

Product Experience Feedback

Get more insights about the satisfaction of your products along your product journey. Use your positive feedback for marketing and increase your reputation continuously.

Employee Experience Feedback

Be closer to the pulse of your employees - across the entire employee journey. Uncover disruptive feelings earlier and thereby increase satisfaction and the employee lifecycle even further.

Partner Experience Feedback

Use the feedback of your partners and service providers for even smoother and more effective processes. Use positive feedback to sustainably strengthen your partner management in the market.

Your benefits

The goal of an actively designed and used Experience Feedback Culture is to place your stakeholders in the focus of your actions. This enables you to recognise the needs of your customers, partners and employees even faster, optimise processes effectively and thus increase both satisfaction and turnover.

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Increase trust and improve reputation.

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Uncover weak points and optimise processes.

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Improve customer experience and increase customer lifetime value.

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Increase customer loyalty and repurchase rates.

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Support acquisition and increase the rate of new customers.

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Increase employee satisfaction and support employer branding.

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Increase customer satisfaction and improve the recommendation rate (NPS).

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Discovering trends and driving innovation.

What our customers appreciate about us

We asked our customers. The results are impressive!

"Simply implemented!"

eTrusted can be integrated into our existing systems easily and without large IT capacities.

"Perfectly adapted to our business!"

eTrusted is customised and perfectly adapted to our touchpoints in our product, partner, employee and customer journey.

"Personal top service!"

eTrusted offers a personal account manager and customer success manager in German and English.

"Cooperation at eye level!"

eTrusted maintains an individual and competent partnership-based consultation with us.

"Empowered in the plan!"

eTrusted supports us entirely according to our individual wishes and needs in efficient and sustainable decision-making.

"100% DSGVO compliant!"

eTrusted supports us in all data protection matters comprehensively, quickly and easily.

Over 20,000 customers trust eTrusted

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"The cooperation with Trusted Shops is a great opportunity; it is fully in line with Volkswagen's strategy to improve the quantity and quality of our leads."
Carina Ahlberg, Head of Customer Experience at VW Schweden

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